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Right, the NRA is protecting our right to hunt for food in the supermarket.  
Give me a break.  We love our guns.  We build useless stealth bombers and 
submarines and aircraft carriers, so useless that even Donald Rumsfeld wants to 
get them out of the budget, and the populace demands they be kept.  Let's not 
build roads or bridges or healthcare.  Let's build guns.  On top of which 
another contradiction.  1945 was soooo long ago so let's not point to that, but 
we can wrap ourselves up in our imagined isolationism of WWI and WWII.  BTW, do 
you own a gun?  If you do, I'll bet you hate it, just have to force yourself to 
keep it. 

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I can?t be right about that, ?actually,? because that wasn?t part of our 
discussion; furthermore it isn?t anything I believe.  As to loving guns being a 
sign of militarism, baloney.  Our early pioneers appreciated guns because they 
got food with them and they used them for protection against the Indians.  We 
love our Second Amendment right because it enables us to defend ourselves.  
Prior to World War II, despite all our guns we were basically an isolationist 
country.  We had to be talked into supporting the allies in WWI and WWII.  We 
were (despite our guns) extremely unmilitaristic.  Only after WWII when it 
became clear that Europe and the rest of the world was hopelessly messed up did 
we decide not to withdraw once again behind our two-ocean blanket and pull the 
covers back up over our heads.  


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You're right, actually.  We love our guns, big guns, little guns, useful guns 
or useless guns.  We love 'em all.  So obviously do the Japanese.  It's hard to 
imagine that people who love guns are not militaristic.  It might be why they 
buddy up to the gaijin Americans.  It's unlikely that they would actually start 
a war since they having an aging society (so few workers they might be either 
importing Chinese workers or exporting work to China) but America is their 
Jungian Shadow, their counterpart.  We do what they used to do, only not as 
savagely.  We are their stooges, running around the world going boom boom with 
our real tanks.  Birds of a feather ...

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You needed to overlook what I wrote to manage this one.  I wrote We did indeed 
clash with them in 1941-1945, but once their militaristic government was 
overturned, they have evinced an enormous number of similarities to the U.S.   

I indicated some of the things I admired about Japan, their poetry, their 
Samurai tradition, a sensitive writer like Shohei Ooka, and a courageous 
warrior like Sabaru Sakai, but Omar concluded that I must like them because 
they are racist and you conclude that I shouldnt forgive them because of the 
1937 Rape of Nanking during their militaristic period.  Quite imaginative of 
you two.  


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