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We the Sheeple? Why Conspiracy Theories Persist
By Edward Feser  20 Sep 2006

The problem with attempts to dismiss conspiracy theories is, well, they sometimes turn out to be true.

The Soviets thought there was a conspiracy against them in Afghanistan. If you remember the events as it was happening during the early 80s, no one knew what was going on in Afghanistan. Pakistan was filled with secret services: American, Saudi, Israeli, Pakistani, and so on, all fueling a vast conspiracy against the USSR, and all covered up with plausible denials.

We know this now, from books such as "Ghost Wars" and others. But at the time, it was a conspiracy theory. (And from "Ghost Wars", we can see that the US government is indeed capable of mind-numbing stupidity.)

In ten years or so, some of the mid-level actors in the current game will write their accounts, and we'll finally begin to understand what was happened on September 11th, 2001.

We saw 9.11, but we still don't understand what we saw.

For example: the anthrax attacks. These started precisely seven days after 9.11. The anthrax came from secret US bioweapons laboratories. Democrats and journalists were targeted. A number of people died; Congress was shut down.

This was a purely internal act of terror (i.e., carried out by US citizens, not foreigners.) Yet we have totally forgotten about it. There were no indictments, not even arrests.

Surely if this was terror from a non-government group, it would have been investigated, uncovered, and prosecuted. A group with weapons-grade biological materials that carries out attacks against the US government is extremely dangerous. Such a threat simply can not be allowed to exist.

But instead, it was covered up. Nothing happened.

Here's a curious fact: Cheney and his staff began taking Cipro (an antibiotic effective against anthrax) a week BEFORE the first anthrax attack.

See? Again, we know what happened, but we don't understand what happened.


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