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That  more a mini hunger strike than a religious fast.  

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> > But in Christianity fasting is  a personal thing for special occasions
and it
> > is not made public -- one does not  let anyone know that they are
> > It is a very private way of  submitting one's whole being to God.
> How private is it? I posted this link lst night.
> http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0305-09.htm
> Here's an excerpt from it.
> Pope Steps Up Anti-War Crusade with Call for Christians to Fast
> Pope John Paul II stepped up his crusade against a looming war in Iraq,
> the world's Christians to stage a fast for peace on the same day as his
> is to meet US President George W. Bush.
> The pope said the day of fasting on Wednesday would remind people of the
> years of suffering endured by Iraqi citizens as a result of the
> embargo against the country.
> The fast will coincide with a meeting Wednesday between Bush and the
> special envoy, Cardinal Pio Laghi, who the pope has entrusted with a
> plea to restrain the US leader from waging war against Iraq.
> The fast is the latest in a series of efforts to avert a war by the pope,
> has emerged as one of the most prominent opponents against a US-led
> with Iraq.
> In recent weeks, he has received leaders ranging from Iraq Deputy Prime
> Tareq Aziz to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the US' key ally on
Iraq, and
> Tuesday held talks with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
> The pontiff said the day of fasting Wednesday should "provide greater
> understanding of the difficulties and sufferings or our brothers
confronted by
> hunger, misery and war."
> The appeal has also been passed on by World Council of Churches in Geneva
> the Synod of the Church of England.
> An informal opinion poll carried out on a private Italian television
> also found that 55.7 percent of viewers said they were willing to follow
> appeal to fast.
> --------------
> I have a number of (Protestant) friends right here in Portland, who let
it be
> known openly and beforehand that they are going to fast (usually for a
day) as
> part of some anti-war protest. The extent to which people on lit-phil
have been
> willing lately to generalize about 'Christians,' 'Catholics,'
> 'religion,' 'Muslims,' 'philosophers,' and the like is really quite
> extraordinary.
> Robert Paul
> Reed College
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