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The sentence jumped out at you?  Where did it jump from?  No never mind.
Suffice it to say that there has been from the days of the enlightenment a
predilection in the church to accept literal meanings of the text over
scientific advancement.  This is nothing new.  This is not a great leap


Suicide-mass murder by jihadis?  Suicide-mass murder is their middle name.
You should read Martin Amis article.


How many rights have you lost, Irene?  Feel a bit like living in a Gulag,
does it? 


But if you find yourself going down the tubes, grab hold of that little
handle on that porcelain thingy and pull real hard.





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This sentence jumped out at me:  "More, we regard the Great Leap Backwards
as a tragic development in Islam's story, and now in ours."  This does
describe the battle between Creationism and Darwinism in the U.S.; the
merger of politics with religion; the flap over whether to keep God in the
pledge of allegiance.  A Great Leap Backwards straight into the New Middle
Ages in these here United States.  And who much cares?  


This passage speaks to the utility of our invasion of Iraq:  

"By the summer of 2005, suicide-mass murder had evolved. In Iraq, foreign
jihadis, pilgrims of war, were filing across the borders to be strapped up
with explosives and nails and nuts and bolts, often by godless Baathists
with entirely secular aims - to be primed like pieces of ordnance and then
sent out the same day to slaughter their fellow Muslims. Suicide-mass
murder, in other words, had passed through a phase of decadence and was now
on the point of debauchery. In a single month (May), there were more human
bombings in Iraq than during the entire intifada."

And to the loss of our rights in the U.S. and the call for censorship in
universities:  "Islam means 'submission' - the surrender of independence of


The bottom line in my opinion is that we're fixated on them even as our own
country goes down the tubes, embodied in the very fact that we're fighting
some ridiculous war in Iraq while our ports are untouched by security, etc.
etc. while we lay the groundwork for a police state.  




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In the Martin Amis three-part article Simon asked Eric and me to read, Amis
says Suicide-mass murder is astonishingly alien, so alien, in fact that
Western opinion ahs been unable to formulate a rational response to it.  A
rational response would something like an unvarying factory siren of
unanimous disgust.  But we havent managed that.  What we have managed, on
the whole, is a murmur of dissonant evasion.  


Mike Gearys dissonant evasion reads,  . . . we were attacked again by
people weve known for some time are desperate to get our attention?  


Furthermore Mike tells us that though it was an horrendous crime, it
wasnt all that horrendous:  . . . it was a minimal military and material
threat to our existence as a nation.  Why Mike should tell us that is a
mystery inasmuch as these attention-seekers, bless their little poor hearts,
prefer civilian targets.


Mike tells us that the greater crime was our being stuffy about it:  Such
that we would probably kill tens of thousands of innocent, very poor people
in revenge that would accomplish nothing.  The poorness of these people
should exonerate them from their crimes or at least reduce the
horrendousness of them, but we are heartless as well as greedy: Our
blood-lust would make billions for many American corporations.


Which, Mike tells us, is a dirty rotten shame because our neither our
blood-lust nor our corporate greed is going to solve the problem, not the
root causes of 9/11 which scholar after scholar (Mike doesnt read
scholars so Ill fill this in for him) tell us is a virulent Jihadist
ideology formulated by Sayyid Qutb.  See Martin Amis article: Part One:
http://observer.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,,1868732,00.html  Part Two:
http://observer.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,,1868743,00.html  and Part
Three: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,,1868746,00.html 


I know that Simon suggested that only Eric and I read Martin Amis article,
but others might be interested.  Amis is another literary type so might not
be of interest to the fat-loving Jack Spratt but others might enjoy it.  Of
course, not Andreas because it wont fit in with any of his pre-conceived
ideas.  Nor, since the article is long will it be of interested to those
with short attention spans, but there might be one or two beyond Simon, Eric
and I who will want to read it.




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