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"Don't. Be. Silly." An article by Christopher Hitchens, Sept 4, 2002 who had
a debate with Martin Amis in the Guardian Unlimited, mostly about what sort
of Leftists the two of them were in the past.  At the end he writes, "This
whole exchange between us comes at an unsettling time for me, because I
think that a huge section of the 'left' has fatally condemned itself by
flirting with, or actually succumbing to, a creepy concept of 'moral
equivalence' between the United States and its (actually our) enemies --
whether Christian Orthodox thugs in the Balkans or Islamic fascists in
Afghanistan or national socialists in Mesopotamia.  Talk about wincing -- I
can scarcely bear to read the drivel and bad faith that is now emitted by
some of my former comrades. . . ."


Hitchens article was written in 2002.  Moral equivalence is but one mode of
the Leftist attack against Liberal Democracy.  Finding the U.S. the root
cause for all the ills in the Middle East is another.   Embracing conspiracy
theories which put Israel or the U.S. as the perpetrators and not merely the
cause of various Islamist terrorist attacks is a third.  For example, who
carried out the 9/11 attack?  Was it Al Quaeda?  Are you sure?  Maybe it was
the CIA or the Mossad.  Those who are inclined to blame the U.S. and Israel
for Middle-Eastern evils  will not dismiss such conspiracy theories out of





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 LH>Leftists too hate democracy 


don't be silly


Judy Evans, Cardiff

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