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Democracy in Iraq is a fantasy.  The Kurds are gone.  They never were really in 
Iraq except nominally, and they're all but independent now.  Iraq was never 
really a country, just three, really two, factions with centuries long 
grievances against each other, held together by Saddam.  But who knew that when 
we invaded, right?  If they knew, who did they think was going to be throwing 
the flowers and why no plan to keep these factions at least placated?  At most 
Iraq might a loose confederation of two partitioned states.  If it stays one 
state, Iran will be the real winner, because the whole area will be a Shiite 
dominated theocracy.  If it splits in two, Iran will have only the southern 
part.  Either way, democracy marched out the door and straight into Iran's lap. 

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That?s one of the dumbest things I?ve heard all month, Irene.  In your fervor 
to blame America for everything, you keep yourself ignorant of the Islamists 
actions in Egypt (Qutb, executed in 1966, was the intellectual of the Muslim 
Brothers, the prototype Islamist organization).  In Iran in 1980, Khomeini 
called for Jihad against Iraq which resulted in the death of 1,000,000).  In 
Algeria in 1992 the FIS called for a Jihad that ultimately resulted in the 
death of 200,000).  And you are overwhelmed by 10,000 who aren?t even dead yet? 
 Pshaw.  Do you know that ordinary Baathist insurgents, the ones who ought to 
be tried with Saddam, aren?t Jihadists?  They are ordinary insurgents.  Do you 
know the difference?

Who in the region of Iraq would care if Iraq became a viable democracy?  Do you 
think everyone round about is neutral about that?  Maybe it won?t succeed, but 
if it does, if Iraq becomes a viable democracy, then all the nations round 
about with their anti-democratic tyrannies, will feel threatened.  Why will 
they feel threatened, Irene?  Because Iraq will have moved in the direction of 
Liberalism.  It will have made a step or two toward becoming a Liberal 
Democracy.  The tyrannies will feel that their days are numbered, and they will 
be.  That is why the tyrannies like Iran and Syria are encouraging troops to go 
across their borders to fight against democracy in Iraq.  Leftists too hate 
democracy so they are rooting (like you are, Irene) for democracy?s enemies.

Do you recall what it means to be a Liberal Democracy?  Any Liberal who 
understood what it meant to be a Liberal supported Liberal Democracy.  Shoot, I 
believe in Liberal Democracy so that makes me a Liberal.  What do you believe 
in Irene?  You hate Liberal Democracy.  You hate the idea that Iraq might 
become a Liberal Democracy.  You support Liberal-Democracy?s enemies.  

Iraq might fail to become a democracy, but it will have been a noble effort to 
have encouraged the Iraqis who wanted to make the attempt, who thought they 
could succeed.  And if it does fail, those who hate freedom, who hate Liberal 
Democracy, who hate America, who supported those who undermined the Iraqi 
government?s efforts, will be able to claim victory. You?ll be able to claim 
victory then, Irene.  But in the meantime many of us are pulling for the Iraqi 
government to succeed.  We are attempting to get Iran and Syria to quit sending 
men to undermine the Iraqi-governments efforts.  Of course there is no hope of 
shutting up the bleating, anti-American Leftists: one of the downsides of 


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