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  • Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 19:13:23 -0500


What are your thoughts on five years ago?

The same as they were 5 years ago:

1. That we were attacked again by people we've known for some time are desperate to get our attention.
2. That the attack was an horrendous crime but a minimal military and material threat to our existence as a nation.
3. That we would probably kill tens of thousands of innocent, very poor people in revenge that would accomplish nothing.
4. That the blood-lust would make billions for many American corporations.
5. That none of the root causes of 9/11 would be addressed.

Thoughts not the same as they were 5 years ago:

1. I never guessed that Osama bin Ladin would still be free.
2. I never imagined that the United States, the country I love most of all for its dedication to individual human rights, would become a nation that tortured people, that disappeared people, that assassinated people, that imprisoned without recourse to justice.
3. I never imagined that my government would argue it had the right to listen in on my phone calls, monitor which books I read, or read my e-mails without judicial warrants.
4. I never would have believed that America could be so stupid in it's response to the world.

Mike Geary

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