[openbeos] Haiku boot (was: makebootable problem)

  • From: "Stefano D'Angelo" <zanga.mail@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 00:51:09 +0200

Hi all,
sorry for keeping on asking you to help me with Haiku, but I want to
contribute to it somehow and I still couldn't boot it...
The problem is quite strange: I downloaded an Haiku image, ran mkbfs
under BeOS MAX/QEMU on a free partition, used the Haiku installer
under Haiku/QEMU, and then restarted BeOS MAX on QEMU in order to make
the partition bootable with makebootable.
What's strage about it is that not only I keep on getting the "Error
loading OS" when trying to boot, but also that it goes the same if I
try to boot my hard drive under QEMU... it just doesn't boot! (So it
shouldn't be that I have an AMD64)
I'm sure that all files have been copied successfully... the only two
possibly strange things are that BeOS's makebootable keeps on saying
that my partition "has been successfully made bootable" also if I run
it several times in a row, and that the volume name is not "Haiku" (as
when you just dd the haiku image), but it is called "untitled"...
Am I missing something? Please help me!!!


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