[openbeos] Re: Haiku boot (was: makebootable problem)

  • From: Simon Taylor <simontaylor1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 17:32:24 +0000

> From: "Stefano D'Angelo" <zanga.mail@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 2007/05/07 Mon PM 04:18:13 GMT
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> Subject: [openbeos] Re: Haiku boot (was: makebootable problem)
> 2007/5/7, Donovan Schulteis <deej575@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > Also keep in mind that imagemounter and mountimage are two different
> > applications, and I've had soooo much better luck with Axel's
> > mountimage.  Be sure to try out both.  ;)
> Already done :-(
> And the worst thing is that I tried Pingwinek GNU/Haiku 0.1.0 and it
> boots from the CD (only problems: desktop icons and unsupported
> monitor frequency when the Haiku logo at boot time should be shown)...
> I think I will wait for R1.

Sorry I stopped responding, it was because I've never tried to install an image 
to a partition with QEMU, so I'm guessing much of the time.

I don't understand though why whether or not linux supports writing to BFS 
should have any impact on using the max image as a hard disk rather than CD in 
QEMU - as it will be BeOS, through QEMU, that deals with the writing side of 
things. In order to copy the image file into your BeOS partition you'll have to 
somehow mount something with the image file in the BeOS running in QEMU and 
copy it over - one way might be to produce a CD iso containing the image file 
and set QEMU up with that in the CD drive and the max image as the hard drive. 
Then when BeOS boots in QEMU, you can mount the virtual CD, copy the image 
across, mount the image in BeOS, and copy the Haiku files across to the 
partition. This is completely untried by the way.

I'll try and take a look at installing to a partition through QEMU (as it would 
be good for Windows users who don't have the dd option available) and let you 
know if I come up with something.


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