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I'd like to suggest (though I think Tim may have already suggested it), that we not write long responses to each topic/question right now. That is just too much to handle. Lets proceed one topic at a time. I am happy to begin with Tim's 8a.0), "What is a parameter?"

Tim Hockin wrote:

I'm re-sending this with a new topic, sorry.

8. Parameter representation
What data type for values, for names? How do we support validation, value distribution? Are parameters presented as a flat list or in some hierarchy?

Killer! Thanks.

So lets split it up:

Can I insert one?

8a.0) Define "parameter".

In XAP we called these 'controls'. My spin (off the top of my head):

* A parameter is an explicity exported representation of some variable(s)
  inside a plugin.

* Parameters may represent things like knobs on hardware, plugs in a CV
  module, coefficients of algorithms, or more abstract values like tempo or
  MIDI controllers.

* The set of exported parameters are a snapshot of the current state of a

* Saving and restoring a full set of parameters is sufficient to resotre the
  state of a plugin 'patch'.

* Parameters must be independant of each other.

* Parameters can change in real-time.

Mike Berry
Adobe Systems

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