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Dear Jack,

Nicely written, I am in agreement.


On Sun, 09 Sep 2007 22:05:57 +0100, Jack Lewis <jack.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

With respect Paul evolutionist scientists are not doing that! No matter how they try they will not be able to create life from just plain chemicals. The reason my emotion shows is out of frustration that scientists are trying to do that which is impossible and they are too blind to see it. Please spare me the argument that this has been many a famous last word. Just because a scientists persists in trying to do the impossible does not mean that it will eventually be possible. There comes a time when you have to stop and accept the inevitable - a designer.

Here is an example from Richard Dawkins. He wrote a book called 'Climbing Mount Improbable'. In an e-mail to me he said that some people think that things evolved in one go i.e. fish to amphibians. This he said was highly improbable, but it could happen by taking lots of imperceptible steps up the evolution mountain until you finally reach the top. His first problem is that he has established that the top of the mountain is a goal to be aimed for. Evolution has no intelligence and therefore no preconceived goals. His next problem is, that what he says is OK so long as all the steps are not random but progress upwards (probability calculations not needed here because it has been predetermined). But according to Dawkins and other evolutionists, these imperceptible steps are random genetic mutations and filtered by natural selection (ignoring what mutated before there was any genetic material). Natural selection is not a force or measurable entity it is merely a description of an effect. His blindness is that if each mutation is random in its effect on the organism, it could go forward, or backward, or sideways. Next time you are on a mountain, or hill, or anywhere for that matter, switch off your brain and then wander aimlessly around and see where it gets you and make sure you do not have a preconceived goal to aim for to start with. Also you have to decide when to stop wandering aimlessly without using your intelligence (brain must remain switched off) in reaching your non-determined goal. The biggest show stopper for any evolutionist is chemicals to life!!! Without it there is nothing to evolve. All ideas about evolution without a mechanism for abiogenesis is a religion about origins.

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  Jack L
    From Jack Lewis Sun Sep  9 14:13:00 2007
If they want to wear the mantle of scientists, they must put their science where their mouths are. But Jack, this is what they do -- everyday! I can understand that you disagree with them, but emotional opposition will not help your cause. Listen to what Philip is saying.
  Paul D

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