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I look forward to his response but don't hold your breath. He know s he will 
get creamed! He has no time for people who say 'God did it' but has plenty of 
time for those who say 'first there was nothing then it exploded and then 
against all the odds out came life miraculously'. If you read any of his 
comments about people of faith especially Christians you will see that take-up 
of your offer is unlikely - unless there is some money in it. Dawkins is not a 
rational, scientifically unbiased, objective man, he is obsessively 
anti-anybody who is not an evolutionist. 

With regard to us being courteous, it will be Dawkins who will be first to 
start name-calling. He can be extremely rude to his detractors. 

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  To Richard Dawkins

  From Paul Deema


  I am essentially the sole dissenting voice on a christian cosmology forum 
which lives at //www.freelists.org/archives/geocentrism/. In a recent 
post, I asked a member, had he read anything by Richard Dawkins, which led via 
several exchanges to a request from our moderator, Dr Neville Jones, asking me 
to approach you with an invitation to join.

  There are about 25 members but only around 10 are active posters. You can get 
a feeling for the forum if you visit the address given above. The most recent 
month's postings appear under the year and month at the top, but within the 
month group, the most recent post is at the bottom.

  Should you choose to join, or just visit with us, I have been assured that 
you will be accorded every courtesy.

  I look forward to your positive response.

  Paul D

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