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  • From: Paul Deema <paul_deema@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 14:57:14 +0200 (CEST)

Philip M
Once again you delight me. Very nicely reasoned. I am especially sympathetic 

From philip madsen Fri Sep 7 23:00:08 2007
I look forward to his response but don't hold your breath. He know s he will 
get creamed! He has no time for people who say 'God did it' but has plenty of 
time for those who say 'first there was nothing then it exploded and then 
against all the odds out came life miraculously' Jack.. 
But Jack from outside the discussion, and allowing for no bias either way, I 
can see that both points of view, are equally frustrating. But the rationalist 
has the greater case. To a person who sees GOD as nothing, and we cannot 
substantiate Him as being anything but "spirit", which to a physicist is 
"nothing", then his, the rationalists, view of the universe as being 
unexplainable by anything other than some strange and complex mechanism has to 
be more realistic and more rational than it being designed and made out of 
nothing by a fairy, even a super duper omnipotent fairy. 
Philosophcally, having no bias, I can see, "God created it." and "'first there 
was nothing then it exploded and then against all the odds out came life " 
as equal value statements... But as a physicist, I see it as imcompatible 
However, without having ever read Dawkins, I can bet you are oversimplifying 
the evolutionist position as regards the big bang. The universe did not come 
out of nothing. It was/is/will be always there in some form, which in physics 
could be some form of energy cycling process. This is a quite rational view. At 
least it has to a rationalist , more substance than our resorting to a 
spiritual Supreme being, based upon no evidence whatsoever, and on faith alone 
to explain existence. If you kept throwing God at me in support of creation as 
opposed to the rationalist explanation I proposed for existence, I would be 
justly excused for being annoyed. You would be and are being un-scientific.
Your correct approach would be to offe a separate discussion on "Is there a 
Supreme Intelligence called God." To which Dawkins or any other rationalist has 
the right to decline, or if he has the grace to seek, accept. 
We cannot rationally mix the two subjects together.. 
Paul D

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