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  • Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 06:51:34 -0800

To be fair to Prof. Dawkins, I should make it clear that the reason for my smiling at Jack's posting was not that I condoned it, but that it was so obviously out of order.

I confirm that what Paul has said is correct; that he issued the invitation to Prof. Dawkins with my blessing and that he ran it by me before sending it.

Having said that, I'm sure that the post, if it was read, would have been greeted with a wry smile. Besides, he seems like a man who is up for a challenge or two.


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Jack L
I stated on Neville's assurance that he would be afforded every courtesy and I pointed him to the forum so that he may read what we all write. It is well known that he is not noted for his tact -- perhaps he sees good reason for this behaviour.
A Christian should not throw the first stone.
Paul D

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Dear Jack,

I had to smile when I read this. And if you read it again, you will understand why.


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I look forward to his response but don't hold your breath. He know s he will get creamed! He has no time for people who say 'God did it' but has plenty of time for those who say 'first there was nothing then it exploded and then against all the odds out came life miraculously'. If you read any of his comments about people of faith especially Christians you will see that take-up of your offer is unlikely - unless there is some money in it. Dawkins is not a rational, scientifically unbiased, objective man, he is obsessively anti-anybody who is not an evolutionist.
With regard to us being courteous, it will be Dawkins who will be first to start name-calling. He can be extremely rude to his detractors. 

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