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Dear Philip,
Please read the following very, very carefully and you will see that what I 
have said is just the same as my other posting that you commented on. Much of 
what you accuse me of is what I accuse evolutionists of. There is no 
contradiction in this and I explain it below.

The whole point of my posting, in a nutshell, is that my belief in a creator 
God (an un-caused first cause) is exactly that - a belief. It is not irrational 
to believe that there was a creator. Those who do not believe in this must 
believe that order happened without any cause, undirected and from nothing and 
they too have to stick a 'rational' label on it - they have no choice. But from 
their humanistic, materialist world view, it doesn't stack-up without they 
first admit it is their belief. I have no problem with evolutionists if they 
admit that theirs is a belief system. If they want to wear the mantle of 
scientists, they must put their science where their mouths are. 

It is OK for me to say 'God did it' because that is my belief. But they cannot 
appeal to 'belief' so they must what????????
Regarding witnessing to non-Christians, my tactic is to show them the absurdity 
of evolution and get them to admit that something must have caused, designed, 
created it etc.


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  Jack I know you wrote it to Paul, but, taking it personally,  your arguments 
are typical of  those that could never swing me towards a belief in God. It was 
the standard argument used by the Catholic Church, and even as it was to the 14 
year old that I was, it is still today without logic. It is what I would call 
"primitive logic" suited to non technical natural peasants. And I say this, St 
thomas Aquinas, and Aristotle, nothwithstanding. I was a true seeker. But I was 
then and am still today  too knowledgeable for Aristotle.   

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