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I thought about that too but wasn't sure how to phrase it. After reading your 
brother's (pntball) email, I can see it's going to be a pissing contest. 

I'll wait a couple of days and condense the questions and comments and email 
them to her.

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  Rich, would it be a good idea to have you facilitate the questions. We could 
send you the questions and let you send her an email to address these questions 
prior to her coming to the picnic so there is no "On the Spot" questioning. 
This would allow you to consolidate questions rather than her being asked the 
same question over and over. It also allows her to think about it and consult 
others before she arrives..

  just a thought...


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    It looks like a lot of good questions and comments have come up about this 
policy. But remember that Barbara is the person who put it together and we 
don't want to antagonize her. She CAN change the rules for the better or worse.

    If you have issues you want to discuss with her, think about how you want 
to present them. We don't want to bombard her with "off the wall" questions and 
sound like a bunch of fanatics out to beat the system.

    She's also coming to the picnic to have a good time and meet the St. Louis 
area cachers, so let's be good hosts and make her feel at home.


      GC-RGS wrote: 

        Below is the link to the MO. State Parks page which has the new 
geocaching policy and permit for the MO. State Parks. Barbara Wilson from the 
DNR, who drafted the policy, will be at our picnic in October explaining the 
policy and answering any questions.



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