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Existing caches have a 30 day window to obtain a permit, but I don't know what 
the official "start date" is.

I think existing caches exceeding the "1 per 200 acres" will be allowed to 
remain for the 12 months so I doubt if any new caches will be allowed since the 
limit is already exceeded. 

I would think a lot of this will be up to the discretion of the park manager.

You're right about the 12 month limit being good to allow new caches to be 
placed and found again. I'm sure there will be some tweaking of the policy as 
time goes on.

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  Thanks for pointing us to that Rich. Looks pretty much like we expected. 
However I wonder what will happen with existing caches.

  The biggest items I noticed that will impact current caches:
  1. Only one cache placement per 200 acres. 
  2. Only a twelve month permit, after which the cache has to be removed. (this 
has it's pros--after 12 months someone can do a different cache and we all get 
to revisit the park to find it)

  I do appreciate that they have a permit system and that they allow 
geocaching. I thought it was rather nice that they even made accomodations for 
allowing up to a 5 stage multi-cache.


  On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 10:08 PM, GC-RGS wrote:

    Below is the link to the MO. State Parks page which has the new geocaching 
policy and permit for the MO. State Parks.
    Barbara Wilson from the DNR, who drafted the policy, will be at our picnic 
in October explaining the policy and answering any questions.

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