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  • From: Dan Henke <thunder_monk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 06:53:28 -0700 (PDT)

Hey all,

I have a bit of a complaont and I have pulled out my
soap box to air it so be patient with me. There has
been a rash of recent logs that I have noticed that
are derogatory to the cache placer and I just would
like to know what you all think of this. I have
several cases in point:
1. My Civil War cache....I just received a note that
stated the cacher could not find it. He also ranted a
bit about prisoners finding it and the fact that I had
not received permission to place it there. First the
people he talked with in the visitor center are
"Volunteers" who are there maybe once a month and have
NO idea what goes on outside the building they are
manning including knowing whether or not I have
permission. Secondly if the officer in charge was so
upset that his prisoners found the cache why did he
not confiscate it or bring it inside to the people at
the visitors center. Instead he placed it back in the
same place he found it. Assumptions are not welcome
and his log will be deleted from MY cache page.

2. The latest logged  comments on the Smelly Rock
cache in Waynesville were totally uncalled for. True
this cache is not going to be on anyone's top 10 list
but I have been there on two seperate occasions and
have noticed NO smell and the cache is in good shape.
I have no idea why they would place a cache there
either but I went to find it and I enjoyed it. If you
don't like the location  DON:T look for it!!!!

There are a few other examples I could talk about here
but I think you see what my gripe is. Why is it
necessary to comment in such a negative fashion? If I
don't like a cache or I don't think it is special I
just don't comment on it. I do not pretend to
understand why all caches are placed where they are
but hey they must have had their reasons. Caching is
supposed to be FUN and I don't appreciate someone
using the cache log as a forum to air their
gripes....if you have real concerns then email the
cache placer with them. Maybe they have a reason for
placing the cache that makes sense to them or maybe
they just did not think of the consequences when they
placed it there.
A good example of this would be the Leaking Earth
cache in Waynesville....when I did the cache I noticed
broken glass along the trail and the fact that you
have to climb a VERY steep hill to get there....I
emailed Greg with my concerns and he upped the
difficulty rating and made note in his description of
the hazards. Now if someone reads it and decides they
still want to do it they have been informed. I did NOT
put a negative comment there for the world to see and
wonder about.

Dan now climbs off his soapbox and apologizes for the
ranting :D ...What do you all think?

Dan (thunder)

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