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  • Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 20:04:09 +0000 (GMT)

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   David Pilling <flist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,

> In message <5248a444bdriscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, M Harding 
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> >printing using an ordinary laser printer. Am I right then in
> >thinking that what I need is the identical font with the same name
> >in both RISC OS & Windows versions?

[ . . . ]

> The font name does not have to be the same, the font manager built
> in to OP will let you map names in complicated ways - if you can
> work out how to use it.

Sorry, I haven't had the opportunity to respond to this topic - but
many thanks to Dave and David for the promising leads. Partly it's
because of other matters getting in my way, but also because I've hit
some interesting snags to iron out concerning the Applets.

I discovered through problems in updating !Organizer that I've been
having difficulties because of updates to SA-VRPC which don't seem to
have 'taken', leading to newer versions not superseding older ones
even though 'newer' was operative. This may be why there are features
appearing in W-OvPro which I don't get in the RISC OS version.
However, I'm now pressed for the clear time needed for patient and
systematic exploration.

Michael Harding
Rev. Preb. M.D. Harding   riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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