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In message <49447.>, D. J. Willington <djw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
Thanks for your reply. Actually, on further investigation I find that the
copy I have shows the Register box indication v2.92 dated 12/1/11 with a
Status "Registered". The user name is Mr D J Willington (me) BUT I can
find no record of the Registration Key... Can you help please?

I've tried to send an email with registration details to everyone when they have bought OP for Windows - you throw away your emails?!

Every physical copy has the registration key with it - it will either be in the front of the CD case printed on the insert, or in the pocket at the back of the printed manual.

The point I am making is that you can help yourself. Obviously I will now go and send Dave a key copy.

Cue stories about what MS do when you lose a product key.

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