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On 2019-05-08 19:09, Dave Symes wrote:

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But what does multiple chapters actually do for you?  Is it to have
26 (or whatever) sets of per-chapter page numbers, each restarting at 1?

Is it so that you can guarantee that each new chapter/section starts at
the top of a fresh page?

Jeremy, you are lucky the GrumpMaster has been inactivated for a few years
now, 10 actually... As he'd reply with some invective and "Because that's
how I want it..."

The problem for me is I don't understand the technical DTP reason why you
need multiple chapers.

As noted earlier the book has 26 alpha chapters, A to Z, each chapter
starts afresh with the numbering so the pages number as A1, A2 etc,
followed by B1,B2,B3 and so on.

That's possibly a significnt reason...

If the whole document was only one chapter, then after the Firefox
additions, everything after Firefox would have been pushed on in the
document and caused missalignments of text and graphics.

Hmm. If your chapters always start on new pages, wouldn't a document with
only a single chapter with sections that start on new pages be in the same

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