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On 2019-05-08 15:39, Dave Symes wrote:

In article <88c97a361cea3ae2d0d1b067ebcfabe4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Jeremy Nicoll - freelists <jn.fr.lsts.74@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My point was that I see no reason for the test document to have multiple
chapters and just wondered if the real document also didn't actually
need them.

Yes it really does need them and more than I've put in it.

The real document is something I started many years ago for my dear wife
to enable her to handle the computer and associated kit that I look after
should (During my Bob The Builder time) have an accident and die.

It's a reference book and has 26 alphabetical chapters and three other
index/contents chapters.

But what does multiple chapters actually do for you?  Is it to have
26 (or whatever) sets of per-chapter page numbers, each restarting at 1?

Is it so that you can guarantee that each new chapter/section starts at
the top of a fresh page?

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