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Hi Peter,

So, according to your posting and the urls below. Would this be a fair resume of what you are asserting?

There was no Holocaust, and there was no mass extermination of Jews. The NSDAP treated Jews equally with the rest of the populations of Germany and Europe. That those Jews who did die, died of starvation caused by the Allied Powers, along with many German people; and that the Holocaust during the 2nd World War is a figment of the imagination of a world alliance of Jews, the Jewish Lobby, historians, politicians, the ruling establishments of the UK, the USA, Russia, and France and it is all propaganda which was created to justify the attacks and declaration of war on Germany in 1939 and the subjugation of the people of Germany after the WW2. This whole Jewish myth is perpetuated by the ruling circles of these countries by teaching it to the children, including the children of Germany. It was the Allies who carried out the atrocities during the last war, starving the people and launching a war of mass destruction against the German people. It was the Allies who carried out mass carpet bombing of German cities, which was directed at killing most of the civilian people. The NSDAP and Hitler were just trying to protect the interests of the German people through the use of the Brownshirts to remove the enemies of the people, the communists, trade unions and social democrats, the ethnic minorities, such as gypsies, and the S.S. who originally looked after Hitler, were so good at doing their job that they were specially trained to take care of the Jews; and that the NSDAP and Hitler and the Wermacht only took action against certain countries before the war to protect their economic interests.

There were no Kristallnacht in 1938 in Germany, or concentration camps, no extermination camps, established in Poland and occupied Europe, no policy and practice of "The Final Solution", just well provided for work camps to help the German war effort, and the NSDAP and Hitler did all they could to help the Jewish people and the people of Poland and the peoples of Russia and the Slavs, even though they admitted to being prejudiced against them in Clause 4 of their 25 points election manifesto, because they were strangling the German economy and had taken over the main financial centres; and that the pure blood of the superior intellectual Aryan race, would never dream of treating subject peoples to such inhuman behaviour. No experiments on camp inmates were carried out by Mengele, and people with mental and physical disabilities were not exterminated but were sent off to hospitals and nursing homes where they died by accident; and and that the NSDAP and Hitler and the Wermacht, would never have attempted to invade Russia if it hadn't been for Stalin breaking the German/Soviet Pact? There was no NSDAP or German government policy in occupied countries of transporting Jews, removing them against their will to the fatherland, and that they all went voluntarily? There were no forced marches or forced transportation of masses of Russians, Slavs, Ukrainians and other ethnic groupings,and no policy of extermination against them. The few that were deliberately killed were for reasons of security,and only after a fair trial, or because they were enemies of the German State. The Nuremberg Trials after the war, were nothing more than a travesty of justice with the Victors prosecuting the victims, and the evidence presented there in justification was no more than the figment of the imagination of the Jews and other people who presented it. The legal basis for the trials were non-existent, crimes against humanity or crimes of genocide didn't exist in German Law or in International law, and the 13 who were convicted at the main trail in Nuremberg were victims of a miscarriage of justice.



On 06/06/2016 16:22, Peter Presland wrote:
Sounds fair enough to me Doug, but with a minor caveat: based on your
postings here I am likely to have less time than you to devote to this,
so long considered replies may take a while.

Since the following links, originally posted in reply to Chien Fume,
approximate to my developing understanding more closely than do the
establishment official narratives and they are wide-ranging, I will open
with them for starters.


An example of the outrageous deceptions of the

Paula's take on her bother Adolf Hitler.



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