[cryptome] Re: Hitler and Zionism: Haavara Agreement 1933

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2016 13:40:32 +0100

Dear Peter, So am I...Now, where would you like to start? Shall we open a new thread and give it a name? If so, would you like to suggest one, or me to suggest one? I can't speak for others on this list of course, as to their behaviour, or replies, or knowledge of netiquette, but I personally am willing to refrain from personal attacks. I may not agree with your views, your beliefs or your opinions, or even your sources or evidence, no more than you do mine..., though funnily enough there are some things on which I agree with you, but I am prepared to discuss the subject (whatever subject we decide) exchange ideas and evidence and consider carefully what you are saying and what evidence you present to back up your viewpoint. I am also willing to learn from you on points where I may be misinformed, after all that is what a mailing list is all about...in my view. By the same token I would expect similar treatment in return. With kind regards, Dougie.

On 06/06/2016 08:17, Peter Presland wrote:

Again, only one side of this this is subject to 'confirmation bias'? Really? I do not have 'beliefs' about Jews, irrational or otherwise'; I have evidence, on the balance of which I assign probabilities. It's called research and the Hasbara doesn't like it, unless it is aimed at furthering Victors' history narratives.

I am willing to debate this issue on the merits of the evidence. You OTOH seem intent on preventing any such debate.

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