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Two books need validators.

I've just submitted a book from the teen or young adult section of my library. It is a fictional story of a real firestorm that took place in Hincley MN in 1894. The book is called Firestorm and the author is JAN NEUBERT SCHULTZ. I have read and edited all 203 pages including bibliography. I forgot to format the chapter titles differently. They didn't scan so I had to have my husband read the titles and dates to me while I typed them. I probably should have put them in a larger font or bolded them. Whoever takes the book will not have to protect chapters or anything like that.

book jacket

Maggie hates everything

about Hinckley, Minnesota. She's furious with her father for dragging her and her brothers there. It's ugly, dusty, dry, and bare. There's nothing to do, and hardly a day goes by without small brushfires.

One day, the sky glows orange, and black dust drifts across the ground. Maggie realizes that a fire is sweeping closer and closer to town. This is no small brushfire. This fire swirls into a roaring tornado and flattens into giant walls of flame.

Maggie and her family race to the train station. Hundreds of panicked people force themselves into the packed railcars. Hundreds more can't get on. The fire swallows the town, and flames lick at the train as it speeds toward safety.

As the raging fire recedes in the distance, Maggie discovers that her brothers didn't make it to the train on time. She knows that she must return to Hinckley or risk never seeing them again.

Toujours Provence is still sitting on the download page. I think the title might be scaring people off, or maybe just not interesting anyone to whom it is completely meaningless.
It is a book, in English, about living in the Provence region of France, which is in the south. Two other books written by the author, Peter Mayle, are already in the collection.
The book has some French words in it that I can't check for accuracy, but they probably are just fine and I think a validator would find it an easy and entertaining read. As well as reading through it I checked page numbers for accuracy, since it had many blank pages, and I made sure that chapter titles were present but chapter titles used as headers were removed.

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