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I just submitted
Isolde, Queen Of The Western Isle : The First Of The Tristan And Isolde
Novels by Rosalind Miles.  I will be working on the other two books in the
trilogy as soon as I can.  Enjoy!

,  The first book in Miles' trilogy begins the journey of Isolde, the
Princess of Ireland, and Prince Tristan. When Tristan is injured in a battle
with the lover of Ireland's queen, Isolde nurses him back to health and they
begin a love for all time.  Set in Arthurian legend, with delightful
characters such as Arthur and Merlin, fans of romance and Arthurian legend
will love this first book in Miles' Tristan and Isolde trilogy.
"I don't want to just  mess with your head. I want to mess with your life.
want you to miss  appointments, burn dinner, skip your homework. I want you
to tell your wife  to take that moonlight stroll on the beach at Waikiki
the resort  tennis pro while you read a few more chapters." ~ Stephen King

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