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Hi, Lissi. I personally leave it just as it is in the book. The automated tool 
will pick up on the page breaks, and I don't think the automated tool accounts 
for missing pages, anyway. That's the submitter and validator's job. *smile* I 
don't even number the blank pages or put that they're blank. I know many do, 
but I don't. As long as I'm sure it's blank, and as long as the sequence of 
page numbers picks up where the other left off, I just leave it alone. Take 
Julie Morales
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  ~Hello Everyone,

  Sometimes in the book I'm validating there's a blank page after a chapter. 
Page breaks are there one just below the other. I've been placing a blank line 
under the page break, writing, blank page on the second line and leaving 
another blank line beneath. I thought the stripper might delete my 2 words.

  The other question is whether you think I should write a page number on the 
page. That's an oxymoron if ever there was one, because the blank page would 
now contain the words blank page and after a skipped line, a page number. Some 
blank, huh? 

  In the book, that blank doesn't have a printed number, but it has been taken 
in to account on the following page where the chapter begins. for example, last 
page of chapter is 80, blank page, first page of next chapter is 82.

  I'm asking because I have this bleary notion we're supposed to account for 
all pages. I'm afraid if I don't write a notice  that there's a blank page and 
assign it's number, the uploading program might think I've left pages missing.

  Is that extra page break enough to account for the blank page? 

  I've been using my judgment on this detail, but wonder what the rest of you 
do or if there's a right way to process these blank pages.

  Thank you in advance.

  Always With Love,


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