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I've never kept track, either. Like Susan, I read the book carefully,except for 
indices and bibliographies. Then I do a final spell-check and  pagination 
check; and I describe illustrations. It depends on the length of the book and 
what complications there might be. I can speak in terms of months rather than 
hours. Sometimes and I don't know why, though I save my work, when I next go to 
the file to open it and  continue, and do a spell-check to get to where I left 
off, it appears as if missed correcting some  pages. The last book I did I 
redid the pagination and scanned each page as I did to catch anything missed. 
The book I'm working on I'm not going to do that; It appears  I just get to a 
different page further on in the book. I suppose if one checked when I first 
downloaded the book and then when I uploaded it one could tell how many 
months/years it took me. Only a couple of times I thought I lost the whole 
thing and re-downloaded the rtf and
 started again

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>My wife and I have been processing books for bookshare for a number of years 
>now.  I can tell you that a 400-page book takes me probably 6 or 8 hours to 
>set up and scan.  She may spend several weeks proofing it.  She reads the book 
>with a Braille display.  She reads every word on every page anhd I often apply 
>several OCR tools that I have to re-scan bad pages.
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>Hi Alisa:
>Welcome to bookshare. 
>I have been out of the loop for several months due to other commitments, 
>however, I hope to get back scanning and finishing putting the dragonlance 
>As how many hours it takes to bring a book to the collection, well it depends 
>on the book and how much work you want to put into it.
>I never kept track. It takes several hour just to scan. I have found that it 
>can take just as long to proof.     
>Grace Pires
>PS. Do you shop on line? If yes, then click the link below and support the 
>National Federation of the Blind of Rhode Island at no additional cost to you.
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>Hi all.  In response to Roger’s question, there were 7,124 books contributed 
>by publishers in 2011, and 397 books added by Bookshare, in addition to the 
>books submitted by you, our volunteers.  
>Yours a huge accomplishment, given that you are scanning books in one page at 
>a time (often using older equipment), and you are adding books to the 
>collection, that otherwise would never be there…I’d love to know how many 
>volunteer hours nearly 1,900 books add up to?!  
>What are you thoughts?  How many average hours do you think each book takes to 
>add by a volunteer (including scanning, proofing, editing/resubmitting 
>Alisa K. Moore
>Volunteer Program Manager

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