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Hi Alisa,

Each volunteer has unique equipment, and employs unique procedures for scanning 
or proofreading a book.  

I have so far scanned, but for me scanning includes moving page numbers to the 
top, putting title, parts and chapters in the correct font, spell-checking, 
stripping headers/footers, and I generally read the book through, unless I 
don't like it, to find glaring errors.  

I'd guess this process takes me about 6 hours for a short, wonderfully scanned 
book, and probably 25 for books over 500 pages that require deeper correction.  

My goal is to get this book to a proofreader with as little to do as possible 
(there's often punctuation work to be done--and instances of missed 
corrections, so there's plenty to do), and to get it to the collection quickly, 
but with as high quality as possible!  

I love this work!


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  Hi all.  In response to Roger's question, there were 7,124 books contributed 
by publishers in 2011, and 397 books added by Bookshare, in addition to the 
books submitted by you, our volunteers.  


  Yours a huge accomplishment, given that you are scanning books in one page at 
a time (often using older equipment), and you are adding books to the 
collection, that otherwise would never be there.I'd love to know how many 
volunteer hours nearly 1,900 books add up to?!  


  What are you thoughts?  How many average hours do you think each book takes 
to add by a volunteer (including scanning, proofing, editing/resubmitting 


  Alisa K. Moore

  Volunteer Program Manager





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