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  • From: Roger Loran Bailey <rogerbailey81@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 14:03:47 -0500

It is hard to say how long it takes to do a book. It depends on the nature of the book. Personally, I scan a little bit now and then when I have the time and feel like it. I have a bunch of quite old mass market paperbacks and those are particularly prone to scanning errors. I scan about two pages at a time and preproof them before going on to the next two. On an old mass market it might take a half hour or more to do two pages. If it takes more then it is likely due to having to rescan the pages until I can get something that is readable enough to preproof. In cases like that I may only do two pages in a sitting. Newer books, especially hardcovers and trade paperbacks go a lot quicker. Hardcovers are more likely not to fit properly on the scanner bed, though, so even if the scans are good I may have to slow down to one page at a time with those. I can tell that most volunteers submit or proofread books at a higher rate than I do, but they may well be putting longer periods of time into each sitting. I usually do not put in more than about an hour in one sitting.

On 1/4/2012 11:41 AM, Alisa Moore wrote:

Hi all. In response to Roger's question, there were 7,124 books contributed by publishers in 2011, and 397 books added by Bookshare, in addition to the books submitted by you, our volunteers.

Yours a huge accomplishment, given that you are scanning books in one page at a time (often using older equipment), and you are adding books to the collection, that otherwise would never be there...I'd love to know how many volunteer hours nearly 1,900 books add up to?!

What are you thoughts? How many average hours do you think each book takes to add by a volunteer (including scanning, proofing, editing/resubmitting titles)?

Alisa K. Moore

Volunteer Program Manager




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