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I would have to agree with Mayrie, relatively speaking.  Books on recycled 
or mass market paperbacks can take longer, though, even if they are shorter.  A 
12 page board book with picture descriptions and hand typing can still take an 
hour or more since my hand typing is poor and confirming copyright information 
sometimes takes a magnifier.  I will say an hour or two of a children's book, 
however, is more stressful than 5 hours on a chapter book, but there is great 
need for early reading to get kids hooked and proficient.

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Hi Alisa,
For me, I can get a book of around 350 pages scanned, proofread, and uploaded 
the queue in about 9 hours.  You can figure out the math for the total number 
books.  My math brain just isn't up for that this morning.

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Hi all.  In response to Roger’s question, there were 7,124 books contributed by 
publishers in 2011, and 397 books added by Bookshare, in addition to the books 
submitted by you, our volunteers.  

Yours a huge accomplishment, given that you are scanning books in one page at a 
time (often using older equipment), and you are adding books to the collection, 
that otherwise would never be there…I’d love to know how many volunteer hours 
nearly 1,900 books add up to?!  

What are you thoughts?  How many average hours do you think each book takes to 
add by a volunteer (including scanning, proofing, editing/resubmitting 

Alisa K. Moore
Volunteer Program Manager

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