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Hmm, very strange indeed because the CDs I have automatically install all
the Office Products, but it's not really a problem because I'd prefer them
I know my Office 97 you had to pick them all, but 2000, and XP seem to auto
install - perhaps there are different versions out there.
My laptop has 2003 on it, but it came pre installed and so I can't comment
on that.

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> That seems pretty odd. I've never heard of it doing that. I've had Office
> 2000 and now Office XP and neither time have I been told such a message.
> fact, the office sweet comes in like four or five CD's, and on my personal
> computer I only install the first one. Additionally, when you start the
> install, a big check list appears and you have to pick the programs you do
> and do not want to install. I can't remember if by default they are all
> checked and you uncheck the ones you don't want, or if they're all
> and you just check the ones you want, but it's fairly simple.
> Most of the basic programs you may want like Word Excel and FrontPage will
> all be on disc one. The others have a lot of non-essential stuff like an
> image editor and things I don't recall their names but I can look at the
> other computers downstairs if you're really interested.
> Tiffany
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> > Hi Tiffany.  I haven't the foggiest idea how to set the width, so please
> > clue mme in!  I have Wordpad.  MS Word is 2000 and it wants me to
> > the whole 2000 office suite before I can use Woord.  I'm not joking, it
> said
> > that on one of the CD's.  So I use Wordpad.
> >
> > Thanks, Tiffany.
> >
> > Sue

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