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If the first page number that you see is viii, chances
are the other un-numbered pages are the copyright
page, some blank pages, title pages, etc.

What is the book? Perhaps I can get it from the
library and tell you if the page numbers are at the
top or the bottom. My guess is the bottom, because it
seems to me that's the only place I've seen small
roman numerals, but I may be wrong about that.

It's also possible that I'll be able to find a page on
Amazon to tell where the numbers are.

From the first page of the story or main text, can you
tell where the page number is?  Is the number 1 before
the text or after what seems to be the first page?


-- awmckay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hey guys, Sorry to kep hammering out question about
> page breaks and page numbering, but this the biggest
> thing that is new to me. I want to do it right so
> here i go again. How do you guys know if the page
> numbers you are seeing are at the tip of the page or
> the bottom of the page. this file I am working on
> was a doc file and i converted it to an rtf file.
> Therefore, it has page numbers but not page breaks.
> SO i am having to add them. The first page number
> which is for instance VIII is on the third page so I
> am unsure if it is at the top or bottom of the page.
> Any Help would be appreciated with that.
> Lastly, Like I said, the first page number is Viii,
> what do you do about the few pages before that that
> don't have page numbers or page breaks. Maybe this
> will be my last question about page breaks and page
> numbering!
> thanks
> Andrew

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