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A Page Break is a special character which specifies the point where one page
ends and another begins.  It's similar to the Paragraph Marker in Word (^p)
and the New Line character in K-1000 (\n).  Both the ^p and \n characters
specify the point where one paragraph ends and another begins.


I don't believe K-1000 has a character string to specify a Page Break, but
Word uses the ^m to specify a Page Break when doing search and replaces.
Maybe someone else can confirm that K-1000 doesn't or explain how K-1000
represents it in search and replaces.


This special character is what the list refers to as a Hard Page Break.
You'll also hear the list mentioning Soft Page Breaks, which isn't actually
a Page Break character, but where one is assumed to be because there isn't
any room left on the page, and the text must overflow to the next page even
though a Page Break character hasn't been encountered to cause the new text
to appear on the next page.








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Please forgive my ignorance but when you talk about page breaks do you mean
the point where one page ends and another begins or am I missing something.
I have only scanned two books but the setting for the one was two pages as
that is what I scanned  together and the other one I set at one page because
I that is how many I scanned at a time even though I had to reset the
"settings" every time I opened the file as I did not know how to get the
settings to stay the same every time I opened the file. Now I am not trying
to be "cute" or playing stupid but all this discussion has gotten me
confused.  What exactly is meant by a page break ?




a literalist.    

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