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Precisely my point. This is a job and as one who supervised employees for the last 29 years, I can tell you that on a job a superviser would never have been able to handle discussing another employees conduct or work skill publicly or they wouldn't have lasted long as a supervisor. It is neither appropriate nor professional. My comments have nothing to do with condoning bad scanning or the other persons lack of response. It has to do with how we treat each other. You said Pavi maybe should tell her her services are no longer needed. That's what I said-- that Pavi or Carrie should have been notified with the concerns not a public flogging.

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Hi all,

Well, seems to me that if a volunteer makes it so difficult to contact her, that's not fair. There are avenues now set up so that volunteers can communicate with each other. If this lady refuses to put her email address where it can be located, and continues to submit less than quality work, then perhaps Pavi should tell her that although we appreciate her efforts, she's either got to sit up and fly straight or resign from volunteering.

As for Denise's concern, Iffin you don't bother to sign up for the volunteer list, and you don't bother to make your email address current and available to proofers, then you deserve everything you get. This is a job! Yeh, it's a volunteer job, but if you are doing a sloppy job, either somebody else has got to pull your weight as well as his/her own, or a patron will get a less than accurate scan. Sorry, but life is not always fair or courteous or forgiving. It shouldn't be. If you fail at something, then you need to either learn from your mistakes and improve, or you need to acknowledge the fact that you cannot do the job at hand and do something else.

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