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She sounds like a nice person trying to help out in the way she possibly can, 
is she a Kurzweil user? Or is she a sighted volunteer? Perhaps I'd do the same 
thing if I were given treatment in that manner, but seeing as is I was almost 
persuaded to leave this list do to unnamed resoning, I reconsiddered and am too 
glad I can help in any way I possibly can, though I'm out of a scanner for a 
while, unfortunately, so proofread whenever I possibly can. I try to contribute 
where possible as well, so I'm sure we have all had horrible scans, I'm sure 
she feels like a little fish in a big pond though and would have liked a chance 
to have met her perhaps she could use some positive feedback and constructive 
critisism to help her along the way, like notes of what people have seen in her 
scannings and perhaps wasy on going about not making the same mistakes twice, 
just to make her feel like she is needed or rather her work is appreciative in 
some way something. Anyway, back to my trumpeting, got a gig on the 19th of 
February on the USO ship doing 1940's music and patriotic selections as well, 
and I get free food too, sweetness! So I won't be here that day.
Chela Robles
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  Oh my! I proofed one of her books with no difficulties. There were one or two 
pages missing, but I was able to contact her and get those issues resolved. It 
was certainly nothing major though, and in my opinion, there is never a reason 
to get snippy with someone just because of a poor scan.





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  Pam was on this list a long time ago. The treatment she received back then 
was beyond rude. I was appalled by it and considered it unprofessional, more so 
than scanning poorly. If this is like a job, then we need to act like we're 
professionals and treat each other with courtesy.  It is possible to disagree 
with someone without degrading them. Where I work, I would be suspended for 
talking to my coworkers the way Pam was treated on this list. I don't blame her 
for leaving and wouldn't give out my address after that either. If you need to 
reach her about a specific book, please write to Pavi and ask if she will make 


  Some of us have been helping Pam learn to scan better, and her work has 
improved markedly. I don't think she'll ever risk being on this list again 
though. Her services are valuable to me, if not to anyone else here. She buys 
and scans books, and the majority of what she has done during the last two 
years is quite readable.


  Monica Willyard

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