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I put "donald r. gallo" into the search box that's at the top of each page and 
got his books at the top of the results. I read three titles, but didn't check 
further, so I don't know how many of his books there were. Unfortunately, when 
I put simply gallo into that same search box, then went down to the Relevant 
Authors combo box and went through the list, nobody by the name of Gallo 
appeared at all. So if you weren't sure how Donald's name was listed, you might 
be forgiven for thinking that none of his books were in the collection. True, I 
was able to duplicate Ann's Tolkien search and got the same results; but not 
with Gallo.


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  Especially, Evan, if you're looking for a dozen or so books.

  I got to thinking about I think Amber put Applegate into the author field in 
advanced search, and she got only Applegate results. So why if I put Gallo into 
the author field, do I get all sorts of irrelevant results? I am going to have 
to play with it more.

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