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Hmmm, I put "David Gallo" in the search box that's at the top of every page, 
while logged in, and got only one result:

Research Methods in Psychology
David Elmes

I did get one of those "Did you mean" links:

Did you mean:
david galef

The Relevant Authors combo box didn't show David Gallo either.

Jamie, if you're sure he's on Bookshare, then this is definitely not so good. 
If you could give me a title, then I can see what happens with that.


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  Hi Jamie,

  Oh, man.  I don't know.  Maybe use the "contact us" link on the site and tell 
them just what you've said here?


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  Mayrie, but that David Gallo was also not among the authors in the author 
modify your search results box, and he's an author on Bookshare. So how can I 
be SURE Tina Gallo isn't on bookshare when David Gallo is and he's not on the 

  I don't want searching to be so complicated. I'm sure full text is great for 
members who want to read books. But I'm not a member. I just want to be sure 
what I want to contribute hasn't already been contributed.

  Jamie in Michigan

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