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Yes!! Please, will you put a hold on them for me or do I need to look for them?

Shelley L. Rhodes wrote:
I have two books to be submitted that fit your catagory Stephany, do you want to proof them. They are Animal Antics: The Beast jokes Ever And Punny Places: Jokes to Make You mappy. Smile, let me know as I will be submitting them tonight. Shelley L. Rhodes, VRT
and ?
Reading a book is like rewriting it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms. -Angela Carter, novelist and journalist (1940-1992)

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    Did anyone submit any children's books that arn't on hold for
    someone and hasn't been proof as yet?

    Just wondering//

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