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  • Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 23:04:04 -0500

Judy, I didn't orginally start out putting Tina Gallo in the author box. I
started out with Gallo, because if she uses a second last name or a middle
initial, I wouldn't necessary get her with just Tina Gallo. Katherine
Applegate is a good example of this. If you put Katherine Applegate in the
author box you get only 30 results and Bookshare has way more of her books
than that, maybe under Katherine A. Applegate or K.A. Applegate. That's why
I like a least restrictive search term that will get me results but not too
many results. If you're too specific you miss out. If I just put in Tina
Gallo I get less results, but I can't be sure there aren't any Tina Gallo
books in the collection because I am unfamiliar with this author and don't
know if she writes under other forms of her name. That's why I originally
did what I always do and just searched for Gallo.

I wonder can you still go to an author alphabetical list page? I haven't
tried that for years.

Jamie in Michigan

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