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Actually, Jamie, Lissi does that with myself and a couple of other people. She 
goes to used bookstores and library book sales and calls me on the phone. I put 
in the title or author and see if anything comes up. I used to rely on the fact 
that if I got no results, then obviously there was nothing by that title or 
author in the collection. Now, I will actually have to look at the first 
result, at least, to see if it matches the title or author I'm looking for, and 
hope that the matching title or author isn't further down. That isn't such a 
bad guess, since from what I've seen, although a lot of results may come up, if 
the title or author is in fact in the collection, it will show up first. But 
now I have to actually look, which will slow things down a little I'm thinking.


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  My mistake, Evan, it's Donald Gallo, actually Donald R. Gallo. I think you 
have to know exactly how the author's name is listed to really make the 
advanced search work. That's going to be the problem with authors like 
Katherine Applegate who sometimes writes under Katherine Applegate, K.A. 
Applegate or Katherine A. Applegate. Of course that was always the problem, 
hence the reason for searching just on one term.

  I will try to use the browse by author function that Melissa posted the link 
to since I think in the interim that's going to have to be the solution for 
people who want to scan a book.

  All these workarounds seem a little crazy though, when it seems like it would 
be so simple to have a box to check where you could choose to either use or not 
use full text search.

  Plus I can't be driving other's crazy asking to verify whether what I think 
is not in the collection really is not. And what about members (I know we have 
at least one) who go to used book sales to find books to buy and scan, who call 
up other members and ask if that book is in the collection before she buys it?

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