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I think Valerie’s way is easier since I can’t tell which pages have images on
them. And, I usually need to send a copy of the book unless someone can get it
from the library anyway. This one is from a local publisher, so I seriously
doubt anyone will easily find it. Good thought for he future though. Thanks.


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Another option is to send scans of just the pages with images via email to a
proofreader who will do the descriptions. You are allowed to send up to a
certain percent of a book at any one time to a proofreader who is helping you.
I've done quite a few image descriptions for scanners that way.

Judy s.
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On 11/1/2015 7:04 PM, Valerie Maples wrote:


You wouldn’t save the file any differently to include picture descriptions, but
you would need to send the book to the proofreader. Bookshare is not equipped
to handle large file sizes that include pictures at this point.

I hope that makes sense!


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Yes, well, idiot that I am, I didn’t realize I probably should have saved the
file differently. Now that the text is done, is there a way to scan and save
both text and pictures? I use Kurzweil if anyone has any thoughts. I think this
particular book can probably be fine without illustration descriptions now that
I’ve started reading it, but if I can get them done and in the right format, it
would add a nice touch.


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