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Yes, well, idiot that I am, I didn’t realize I probably should have saved the
file differently. Now that the text is done, is there a way to scan and save
both text and pictures? I use Kurzweil if anyone has any thoughts. I think this
particular book can probably be fine without illustration descriptions now that
I’ve started reading it, but if I can get them done and in the right format, it
would add a nice touch.


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Lissi, your picture descriptions are awesome. So are Grandma Cindy's. Both of
you are so good at conveying what's in the image without being flowery, too
sparse or too detailed.

Judy s.
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On 11/1/2015 6:28 PM, Estelnalissi wrote:

Dear Kathryn,

If you haven’t got a proofreader I’m interested in your book. I’ve described
illustrations for hundreds of books, mostly books for middle grades or poetry
books. Currently I’m proofing and describing pictures for an amusing book for
ages 8-12 called the Ghosts of Hungryhouse Lane. Because I’m a very low
partial, even with the use of a CCTV, I can’t interpret some kinds of art so
then I used to Write [Picture] on full page illustrations. Now I’m conforming
to Bookshare’s latest designation, [Image removed].

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