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Dear Kathryn,

If you haven’t got a proofreader I’m interested in your book. I’ve described
illustrations for hundreds of books, mostly books for middle grades or poetry
books. Currently I’m proofing and describing pictures for an amusing book for
ages 8-12 called the Ghosts of Hungryhouse Lane. Because I’m a very low
partial, even with the use of a CCTV, I can’t interpret some kinds of art so
then I used to Write [Picture] on full page illustrations. Now I’m conforming
to Bookshare’s latest designation, [Image removed].

If, after studying your book I find I’m not equal to describing the pictures
I’ll quickly return it.

I admit I grumble when I’m writing picture descriptions because they require
more creativity than straight proofreading. They are time consuming. However,
since I was raised a braille reader, still my favorite way to read, I remember
wishing to know what was in pictures, though I couldn’t tell if the print book
had pictures or not since there were no print books in our public school
classrooms for visually impaired children. It’s because of my clear memories of
yearning to know about pictures that I force myself to describe pictures for
1/4 to 1/3 of the books I proofread. Because the task is so taxing I rarely
describe pictures for those books with pictures on most of the pages with scant
text. I know my limitations

For Christmas last year my brother and his wife gave me a book about a rescued
greyhound which was illustrated by the author who considered the images and
moods conveyed in her art to be essential to the book. Oh, and the book was
autographed to me. That thing took many hours because I did my best to glean
the artists intent and also tried to describe the various styles, media and
visual devices she used to enlarge on her text. The story, based on fact, about
a rescued greyhound who spent half her time with a nurse and the other half
with an artist, was so touching. Those ladies adored the dog and the book and
pictures makes the reader adore it, too.

I’m not figuring out how to get emails from posts here so I don’t know how to
contact you off list. If you still need a describer, contact me at

Oh, and according to Bookshare training and my own common sense, I don’t
describe details that are clearly stated in the text. I only describe what is
shown in addition to what is already conveyed in words.

Always with love,


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Book I'm going to scan next

Hi Everyone,

The next book I’m going to scan isn’t long, but the synopsis mentions line
drawings, so I’m wondering if it might help to have someone who is pretty good
at descriptions to proof the book and possibly describe pictures. As always, I
can send you my copy. It may not even be necessary, but it might add to it.

The book is called Woven of Water and is by Luisa Adams


True Tales Inspired by an Enchanted Lake This collection of short stories and
whimsical drawings in Woven of Water inspires the reader to discover meaning

amid the loves and losses of growing up, growing old, and all the events in
between. By taking this book in hand, you will create time for a personal

with the exquisite beauty of nature as your host. The reward, the splendor of
grateful living, is priceless. I give my deep gratitude to everyone over

the last ten years who reminded me that it took courage, not perfection, to
offer the world a written expression of love. ____________________ "Woven of

Water is a gem. Luisa Adams coaxes ten penetrating insights from the seemingly
ordinary world of a small mountain lake. She transmits profound meaning

from simple images with her eye for the sacred, her focus on sensual detail and
an extremely talented pen - this little book will be on your bed stand

for a long time." ~ Terry Pearce Founder/President of Leadership
Communications, author of Leading Out Loud ____________________ "Say, you
happen to drive

past Luisa's lake in the woods, would you recognize it as a place of
enchantment? The answer will depend on the visual acuity of your heart. The

you find may not be the adventure you seek; it wasn't for Luisa Adams in Woven
of Water. And yet - like a water lily rising from the muddy bottom of the

lake - for you as for her, whatever life brings can blossom forth into the
splendor of grateful living." ~ Brother David Stiendl-Rast Benedictine monk,

author of Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer, lecturer, co-founder of
www.gratefulness.org ____________________ "Woven of Water immerses the reader
in a

mirrored landscape of inner and outer beauty. Luisa Adams' years of retreating
for a month of solitude at an enchanted lake have yielded a sensitive collection

of compelling stories and deep reflective insights. Her commitment inspires the
reader to connect to nature, time, and daily life with fresh eyes and refreshed

perspective on what truly matters." ~ Carolyn Foster Coach, Retreat Leader, and
author of The Family Patterns Workbook


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