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Thank you. I like using the cane and if I could do my training at home or near 
home then I would not mind getting a guide dog, but I believe the closest 
school is in Florida. The more I observe with the campus police the more I find 
that they are useless and that is a hard pill for me to swallow, but I have 
never been one to beat around the bush. Amanda sometimes tells me I should beat 
around the bush a little more *LOL* instead of being so direct. I find that 
people understand what I am saying more if I am direct and it cuts down on me 
having to explain myself in a hundred different beat around the bush ways 


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Hi Joshie Washie, I hope you're feeling better soon.  I sure know what it's 
like to get the cane stubbed up and getting hurt.  I am a terrible cane user.  
That's why in 1993 I took the plunge and went for my first guide dog.  Boy was 
it hard to trust my life to a furry four legged critter.....no not a 
squirrel!!!  I have a folding cane that I've had since I was 11.  It has the 
two strands of elastic in between the pieces and folds into four pieces.  My 
loop hasn't broken yet but I don't use it much.  I have a turning marshmallow 
tip on the end which helps to keep it from getting jammed in cracks.  
Unfortunately, nothing is totally safe.  I will pray that the meds work and 
that you have no serious injuries.  The campus police refusing to escort you is 
a bunch of b.s.  How ridiculous.  

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As the subject line says there is always excitement in this household. I went 
to school just like any other day this morning. No problems through my first 
class. Then I get to my second class location and was heading inside when bam 
out of nowhere I step in a hole or my cane went in a hole and I fell to the 
ground. In the process of falling to the ground my cane broke in half. I got up 
and thought well I am fine, so I go ahead and head inside. As I stood around 
waiting on my next class the pain and throbbing of the joints and muscles 
started to set in. I called Amanda to have her bring me my cane because she is 
only interning on Tuesdays and Thursdays, only open position for internship, so 
she was available to bring me my back up cane. While waiting on Amanda to 
arrive, where I wait is right beside my Professor’s office, my Professor came 
into her office and I told her I may be late to class due to the fall and my 
cane breaking. She of course asked if I was ok and at the time I was stoved up, 
but not in a pain that was unbearable. So, she went on in her office and the 
pain continues to intensify so I ask her if she has a chair. She gets me a 
chair. She says she is going to notify her department head and the disability 
office regarding the incident. I tell her ok, thankyou. So, Amanda arrives, I 
get my new cane and head downstairs to class. By the time I am having trouble 
navigating the stairs due to the pain shooting through my leg. However, I make 
it to the bottom and my class is straight across from the stairs. My Professor 
arrives and comes up to me telling me she received an email back from both the 
disability office as well as her department head who both recommended that I go 
to the student health center. I am glad that I did. However, before I gt ahead 
of myself. I inquired as to whether the campus police can escort me over there 
so I can avoid taking the steps again back up. She said they should be able to 
do this. Well, I go to the office and wait. One of the ladies in the office 
informs me after getting off the phone with the campus police that the police 
cannot escort me over to the student health center due to liability. So, I 
begin to ask her if she can help me get back to the doors by elevator because 
the only way I have oriented is the steps on this level so I had no clue. About 
this time the department head walks out of her office and inquires about the 
campus police situation. She is overtly disgusted over this situation and says 
she will be making some phone calls to question this when she got back to her 
office . In the meantime though she offered to take me over to the student 
health clinic and we arrived without problems. So, I am seen and the doctor 
orders 3 different X-Rays. He wanted an X-Ray of my writs, my knee, and my 
ankle and shin. This was a bit painful for sure and the X-Ray tech kept 
apologizing. So, the outcome of the X-Rays shows no recent breaks at this time 
the doctor says, but once he has the radiologist look at it he will send me an 
email. He said I am definitely stoved up and have some sprains i.e. the wrist 
and the ankle. He has put my ankle in a boot and he would have liked to put me 
on crutches, but he said he has never had to put someone who is visually 
impaired on crutches and wondered how that was done. I have never been on 
crutches since going blind so I had no idea. So we decided to forego the 
crutches and just went with the ace bandage and boot to secure my ankle in 
place. He prescribed some muscle relaxers that he said I probably only want to 
take at night because of the fact it will make me sleepy. He also prescribed 
Aleve for the inflammation and suggest to get the back to unlock that Amanda 
massage the blood back into my back because he believes that it has just locked 
up. He said if I continue to have any problems to come back and he will put my 
wrist in a splint. Right now I am scheduled to go to their sports management 
office to see if they recommend anything else here in a couple of weeks. He 
said that if everything has returned to normal then I can cancel the 
appointment. So, now Amanda is having to make her third trip to the campus 
today and this time it is to take me home with her. This boot is really 
annoying, but had I had to have crutches I would have probably just talked to 
my classes about having online courses for the rest of the semester *LOL*. I 
hate the cane snapped and was surprised that the disability office did not have 
one to loan out for emergency use.         

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