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>> > Well perhaps you should consider a look at Easi/TechWriter which offer
>> > PDF export too and can use ArtWorks images and do offer the text
>> > processing features to quite some extent.
>> True, but please bear in mind that EasiWriter goes through the
>> PostScript printer driver (plus Ghostscript) to create PDF files, so
>> ArtWorks graphics will come out at much lower quality, in particular
>> if graduated fills or sprites are used, even worse if there is
>> transparency (everything converted to a bitmap).
> Ok, maybe wrong list, but because it comes up here:
> Did you think about an ArtWorks export feature for EasiWriter?

No, I have never thought about that. But then, this would only make 
sense with the multi-page version of ArtWorks, which has not even been 
released yet.

> I mean you can already save a EW document as collection of draw files

Not quite, but you can save individual pages as Drawfiles.

> so it would be nice to be able to export the EW document as one
> multi-page ArtWorks file and because Draw export already exists, it is
> hopefully not that complicated to implement.

It would be very complicated and I guess only a fraction of the users 
would really find that useful.

> It would also offer the possibility to add background graphics to EW
> documents if you specify that in the ArtWorks master page (if I understand
> the way the multipage feature works in ArtWorks 2.7 correctly).

Yes, that is how it would work. But if that was the main reason for 
wanting this feature, then adding a background graphics feature to EW 
would be far easier.

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