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> I'm delighted at this multi-page development, as I have been needing to
> make multi-page PDF's for years now. Usually I have created pages in
> ArtWorks and then displayed them in Impression in order to print them to
> the PostScript printer driver in order to.....
> However, although I can live without multi-page text flow, I wonder if now
> is not a good time to request more sophisticated text handling?
> I don't think it would be right for ArtWorks to ever attempt to emulate
> the capabilities of a word processor! But a more elegant text import
> system would be appreciated, especially getting rid of the error box
> asking where we want the text to go (which to me sorry is not plain
> english! I always have to work out which button to click).
> ...and the ability to import RTF would make a huge difference. It would
> mean that you can create body copy with styles (font/line spacing/para
> spacing) in a WP package (Impression/Ovation), and then import into
> ArtWorks. When it comes to, for example, an extra 6 points leading between
> paragraphs, it becomes tedious to do this with the current editing tool.
> And lastly (!?) the ability for shapes to repel text within a text area,
> so if an ellipse is *in front of* a text area, the text wraps around it,
> but if the ellipse is *behind* then the text over-prints.
> As usual, I'm sure that:
> a) some of this is easy to do, some difficult;
> b) Martin will let us know which is which ;-)

Well perhaps you should consider a look at Easi/TechWriter which offer
PDF export too and can use ArtWorks images and do offer the text
processing features to quite some extent.

But perhaps it might be a fun exercise for Martin to allow to use
TechWriter als OLE called text editor for Textareas ... ;-)

Well that might even be more useful and stay along the lines to have one
app for a task and make them be happy to work together...


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