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  • Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 18:15:35 +0100

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>> Actually, coming to think of it there is a way to copy between layers
>> without using the clipboard: With "Multi-layer" on and the current
>> layer set to the desired destination layer you can use the QuickCopy
>> tool to copy objects between layers.
> or Ctrl-K to Clone to the selected layer. In a similar way, grouping
> objects from different layers to the selected to move everything to the
> same layer.
> Actually, what would be useful is a way to group objects, but keep the
> individual objects on their respective layers. But I'm guessing that
> isn't likely to appear due to the way ArtWorks does its object handling.

No, that is a contradiction. Grouping creates a group object that 
encompasses all the objects you group, so after grouping you do not 
have any individual objects any more that could exist on a layer. So, 
this request does not make any sense and I suppose, you really want 
something different.

I guess, what you want to do is to create a collection of objects from 
different layers that leaves each object where it is but that allows 
you to perform operations on the collection at any time, e.g., moving 
or transforming the objects together or applying attributes to them. 
That kind of thing is a different feature. I have seen it advertised 
as an object "family" - I think Vantage had something like that.

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