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  • Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 13:51:37 +0200

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> However, although I can live without multi-page text flow, I wonder if now
> is not a good time to request more sophisticated text handling?
> I don't think it would be right for ArtWorks to ever attempt to emulate
> the capabilities of a word processor! But a more elegant text import
> system would be appreciated, especially getting rid of the error box
> asking where we want the text to go (which to me sorry is not plain
> english! I always have to work out which button to click).

That box is likely to go completely anyway. I have found better ways 
of handling text import.

> ...and the ability to import RTF would make a huge difference. It would
> mean that you can create body copy with styles (font/line spacing/para
> spacing) in a WP package (Impression/Ovation), and then import into
> ArtWorks. When it comes to, for example, an extra 6 points leading between
> paragraphs, it becomes tedious to do this with the current editing tool.

Yes, that will come eventually, but it is outside the scope of 
ArtWorks 2.7.

> And lastly (!?) the ability for shapes to repel text within a text area,
> so if an ellipse is *in front of* a text area, the text wraps around it,
> but if the ellipse is *behind* then the text over-prints.

I think I have mentioned that I am working part-time for Xara, and 
more specifically, my job is to work on Xtreme's text features. So, it 
is very interesting to read your comments and it is remarkable how 
similar they are to what I find on my Xara to-do list. ;-)

Text flow between areas (on the same page or between pages), which you 
have mentioned above, is one of the big things I added to Xara Xtreme 
Pro, plus full left/right/centre/decimal tab stop support as in 
Impression (which has not been asked for in ArtWorks).

When it comes to adding these things to ArtWorks, there is of course 
some benefit from having gone through all of it before (even though of 
course no code can be shared). On the other hand, having done them 
once, I know better how difficult some of these things are. Text flow 
between text frames, for instance - it was a real nightmare to get all 
details of that to work in Xtreme, so it is very unlikely to happen 
for ArtWorks.

Repelling text is very difficult - even more difficult than text flow. 
The problem is that due to its complexity it would have to be the only 
feature in a major update and I doubt I could sell such an upgrade. I 
suppose, it is not something the vast majority of users would really 
find attractive enough to pay a lot for.

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