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  • Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 23:24:27 +0100

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>> > ArtWorks 2.7, the next major version of ArtWorks to be released at
>> > this year's Wakefield Show in May will offer support for documents
>> > with multiple pages. [...]
>> Wow. Thank you for doing this Martin! It sounds great. :)
> Very much seconded.
> I regularly have a few (large and high definition) scans that I like to
> stick together on separate pages.  I see that JPEGs are accepted by
> Artworks at their native file sizes; it would be nice if the same could
> be done for TIFF files, rather than storing them as Sprites.  Though PDF
> sometimes achieves a similar compression to TIFF.

Yes, the compression facilities offered by PDF are very useful. 
Unfortunately, that does not hold true for PDF files generated by 
ArtWorks. So far, direct PDF export does not use any compression, 
which means that the PDF files are unnecessarily big, in particular 
those containing (non-JPEG) bitmaps, but even without any bitmaps the 
files could be quite a bit smaller if the main content stream was 
compressed. This will hopefully change.

As for TIFF files: In contrast to JPEGs, which can be passed natively 
to PostScript and PDF, the benefits of handling TIFF files natively 
are not really that significant, it is mainly a question of ArtWorks 
file size. Rather than doing that ArtWorks would benefit far more from 
simply compressing the sprites in saved files. Then, the compression 
would apply to both native RISC OS bitmaps and to converted TIFF 
files. But then, the question is whether file size is as much an issue 
today as it used to be. For PDF files certainly, because one might 
want to put them on the web and send them around by e-mail.

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